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Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

As one must train for a marathon or any physically taxing event, so a woman needs to prepare for labour. She must me powerful and strong inside and out. Yoga has proven to be very beneficial to women during pregnancy, labour and beyond.

Pregnancy Yoga helps prepare you for the birth creating greater breath and body awareness.  Yoga lengthens and strengthens the muscles in the body, bringing greater flexibility, vitality and strength.

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About Bliss Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and Founder of Bliss Yoga Jessica McKenna

  Jessica is a Senior Yoga Teacher with over 12 years of yoga and prenatal teaching experience.  As founder of Bliss Pregnancy Yoga she is regarded as one of Norwich and Norfolk's leading pregnancy experts.

"Over the 12 years I have shared my knowledge with hundreds of women and couples.  I endeavour to provide the tools needed to feel confident about birth, feel supported during pregnancy and to have a gentle birth experience.  My passionate intention is to wholeheartedly support women through their entire pregnancy and into motherhood enabling them to feel empowered to have the gentle birthing experience they deserve."

As a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, Jessica is fully certified, qualified and insured having completed her training with TriYoga in London in 2009.  She is also qualified as a Senior Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance.  Jessica has completed the Mongan Method Hypnobirthing training and integrates many of the techniques and philospohies into her pregnancy yoga classes.

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